Unexpected Matters

Unexpected Matters
"Who Dat"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Month of May.

The clock continues to tick as we procrastinate on our future.
The seasons continue to change as we remain in one state of being.
Time is of the essence and every decision made determines the essence of your time.
What you may think is impossible to recover from is merely false predictions.
It is never too late in life to do better and be better than your sins.
Redemption is accepted and when things dont go your way, simply make them.
"Money, Power, Respect is whatchu need i life"
add Guidance, Faith, and Honesty and you will really be living correct.
Protect the nouns that mean the world to you, for what goes around comes around.
To gain respect you must give respect, nothing in life comes free.
Do not treat others as if they are expendable. Every human being has a purpose.
Everyone that comes into your life is beneficial in some way, even if they are no longer there.
Never take a beautiful surprise for granted, after all surprises are good, right?!
And even when the image ahead seems unclear, hold on until you reach clarity.
Be thankful for every morning you see and every night during which you dream.
And dream, continue to expand on your future and reach for the stars.
And reach, reach until your arms are sore and muscle strain plus fatigue takes over.
Love hard, but love smart. Dont believe that your love is the same as your partners.
Staying intrigued will carry you farther in a relationship than love will.
You know you are in love when "he" takes over your everyday life and thoughts.
Or is that really the stage of being intrigued?! Gotcha. Hate to say I told you so lol.
More or less, when you love someone more than you love yourself, the less longevity of a future for you too seems to be possible.
And if you claim to love someone, then act like you love someone.
True love conquers all battles and defeats demons.

MAY you always trust in God and believe that he will never put you through anything you cant handle. MAY you love yourself unconditionally for you were made this way for a purpose. MAY you strive for success and in the state of comfortability make yourself uncomfortable to push further. MAY you remember that your past effects your now that will effect your future.

Love Always <3

Friday, May 15, 2009

"When I get right I promise"......

Life is full of unexpected blessings && beautiful surprises. I guess Santa was alittle early/late with my xmas gift last year.
Every moment spent with you makes me feel like its my first encounter with the male species. Im intrigued and it shows. ^

"I'll stab a day"...no I wont, but your fiestiness keeps my temper on deck and although it causes problems for us at times it also reassures me that you got my back so in return you never have to worry.
Your spontaneuity keeps me youthful and your singing keeps me laughing. Yet I can be just as random all the same..."Show me your smile with all your teeth" lol

Every Kiss makes me feel like it was my first[.]

I cant help but thank you for being the "who" you are. The who that keeps me wanting more from life, the who that taught me to never settle for less, the who that is constantly weining me from my horrible habits, and the who that challenges me and believes in my flaws because you love me. I cant help but give you all of my love in depth, no strings attached, raw and uncut. Appreciation derived from admiration and motivation set aside from frustration. Yet my emotions are set for you farther than human reach. And as each day continues to cause growth between us I am encouraged to be a better person, a better friend, a better lover, to think more in depth of my actions, a better student, a better businesswoman, and how to believe because remaining hopeful doesnt get you where you need to be in life. No matter what I am thankful!