Unexpected Matters

Unexpected Matters
"Who Dat"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You calling me a weirdo?!


When your wants become unreachable
When the yearning becomes unbearable
What will be attainable?
Like hype lyrics over a slow beat
Your words and actions refuse to meet.

Like the comforting feel of warmth in your blood from love flowing through your veins and pumping into your heart/Like staring deep into a puddle at the beauty of the forseeable reflection/Like walking through the wind tunnel of adversity, but your focus is on the other end of positivity.
You are my control. My factor that is stable and permeable.
I trust in you so much that I dont trust you.
Everyday I wake up feeling optimistic, when there is so much potential how could you not want the ultimate?
I admire you in yourself, at your best, you ignite me.
Affliction occurs when comfortability begins.
But uncertainty is like a drug, pulling energy in times of confusion.
Responsibility is the fear, like the cause for a fleeing babydaddy.
Demand is what we continuously turn away from, like our rebellious teenage years
Time is the Oz, ruler of our everyday, minute, second, hour....clockwork?
What makes us different is that unlike you, I run towards my opponent.
Unlike you, I am my only opponent. In the end there is only me. In the end the only person I talk to is myself, the only person I listen to is myself, the only person who can defeat me is myself. Its been said before, but I mean it. What would make me want to listen to you? When you have your own issues you believe in and cant control? What makes you different from the rest? How will you triumph in quicksand?
If whispering was equal to an "indoor voice" you would be the SHOUT in my life.
Friends come few and far between. You may at most have five. All the others are seasonal. There with you when things are great and all the other times they are talking about you. Family too. Im like the dog herding up the sheep. Just different. There to push you and pull you, aggravate you and cheer you up. I am the devil...'s.....advocate.
I am the love of your life, the one you can depend on, the shoulder you need to cry on, I am the #clutch. Who are you?
I care about you, I care for your well-being, I want you to be happy and I wish you all the success you desire.
Im going to always do what I want. Whether I know Im wrong or not, whether I know it would hurt you or not. Karma will catch me, she always does.

These are the makings....