Unexpected Matters

Unexpected Matters
"Who Dat"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 16-20!

I have had the most stressful/heartbroken/amazing week EVER! And people wonder why I am complex lol.....

Monday: Practice! Practice! Practice! So we just came back to school from spring break, and with the show the next day all we needed to do was practice! So we did, and from 4-11, practice is what we did! lol. I also went to an interest mee ting for Ebony Fire ;-)

Tuesday: THE Show! And of course the DMV slayed! We won, fair and square! And we looked darn good doing it. Also, I passed the first audition cuts for ebony fire! Successful tuesday!

Wednesday: Rehearsal day AGAIN! I had to learn the routine for auditions friday for Ebony Fire. I was in rehearsal from 5-10! Sweating and working hard. After that I relaxed and joined my fellow freshman for a pool party until 12 pm and then crasssshhhhedd. I also ended my longterm relationship with a very special person. No worries or regrets, thats my bestfriend forever and ever, we just need this time to grow!

Thursday: Nothing! Except a day full of classes and the worst pain my body has ever felt in a longtime! I was soooo sore and despite how I felt I still had to rehearse for my audition friday!

Friday:.......anxiety....anticipation...but guess what...I auditioned!...and MADE IT! Officially a member of Ebony Fire 2009-2010! So excited, my life has been changed for the good. And after I found out the news i quickly got changed and joined my freshman class again for our freshman ball that ended in a brawl =[....silly boys. Nonetheless, it was entertaining. lol.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?!

On the downbeat of my heart rate I was captured by your essence.

I lay unprepared and vulnerable, while thoroughly the plan was executed.
Blind to the journey that was en route in front of me, I continued to play my cards right, literally.
Success led to recognition of a connection that I would soon be determined to follow through with.

At first it was your ego. Game recognize game, and my fire peeped your flames drawing me in close to feel your passion and sense of self.

I let go, but didn’t forget though and while on my random prowl I met your boss. Running things and letting me know you were on your game about your paper and for the people. My inner boss lady was swept away, and now at 2for3 I knew I was headed for homerun.

Just as I knew danger was approaching I pulled back, knowing that whatever my next move would be could ignite the untameable.

But as I snuck out you walked in, aggressively attacking my inner passion that self and I shared only, and now that my inner passion peeped your deep intellect the relationship seemed far from inevitable. 3for3.

Now what do you do when the world seems to be pushing you towards your fears?!

I forgot. Or rather chose to forget the package that carried so much baggage, I was trying to self-protect.

But you stayed close in mind and my flirtacious character couldn’t resist your ever so intriguing lifestyle.

Living life on the whim, understanding my goals, and knowing art. I quickly learned to appreciate you.

Conversation emerged the elevation of relations that led to provocation of emotions.

We rode the rollercoaster of like, lust, and love until aggravation took over and caused us to divide.

Divide physically but not emotionally for everytime we try to forget the other letting go hasn’t been an option.

And without a doubt it can be done for the curse of the bull and pride were both given to us but the gift of determination and will power will reign over all negation involving you and I

Now you we have come to this dead end road where neither left or right exist and all we can do is turn around or take this leap, but you don’t want friendship and I am reluctant to proceed without caution so we put this car in park and wait it out.

………………goes by