Unexpected Matters

Unexpected Matters
"Who Dat"

Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Beautiful Surprise"

Wakes me up in the morning filling my mind with blissful wishes
These are the same blissful wishes that put me to sleep at night after indulging in your mind.
You built me up to the Twin Towers and then dropped me down to sea level.
Touching me ever so gently and embracing every bone in my body.
Your skin on mine and the way you make me feel inside.
You honestly cant just leave me now.
I've grown an attachment that I shouldnt have and now I have to deal with the consequences.
It would be easy for me to just blame the situation on I.
The I that initiated this whole ordeal and wasnt strong enough to resist temptation.
The I that can ignore you during the day and lust for you at night.
Like clock work. We have set our venture around a timezone.
Am I truly the inconvenience?
Because I thought that you were the one with the power in the relationship.
The one who could decide to stop our progression at any moment and move on.
If I decide to stop I have to go back to what I know, no more moving for me.
No more messing around, my focus cant be your focus.
So doesnt that make me quite convenient?
I know you know what you're doing though.
You got it beautiful, you did it and you were damn good.
You took me there, around the world, over the mountains, across oceans and continents.
I was lost in your world and thought that maybe I could take that leap with you.
Sigh, I guess there's some truth in everything.
So I guess you accomplished your goal, Im surprised.
You took my conscious and air. Atleast you were beautiful.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So here's another hit.....

Sloooowwwww draggggg. Filling my heart, lungs, and mind all at once. I've got a jones in my bones and its killing me softly. Capturing my intellect and making me feel vulnerable to the conscious. Damn. That fast though. Just like that. How could something so wrong feel so right? Who gave me the opportunity to meet you? There isnt any peer pressure. I brought myself to you. I allowed you to take me there and lowkey I wanted you too. Damn.

But I wasnt even stressed or anything! I wasnt losing out on sleep because of you. But now that you are here I sleep better. And although I can only have you at night you bring me happiness that last throughout the next day.

I know I cant have you long term. Eventually we will have to go our seperate ways. I'll admit that it will hurt. I may relapse now and then but you will be the force that pushes us away. I know you will. I want to make you just as equally happy but Im not so sure. Or do you even really have feelings? Personification maybe?

Exhaleeeeeee. Im sitting in a cloud now. Theres something ahead of me but I really cant see. It could be you but naw that would mean I am really going to be messed up now. I think you want me to need you. I think you believe you could be my everything. But you cant stay for long and I dont want to waste your time. My brain hurts now and the feeling that you give me makes me just want to float and roll with the flow. Id go anywhere with you right now. This feeling is the best, i hope it stays for awhile. I wanna feel good for awhile. Make me smile for awhile. I want a new world for awhile. Im satisfied with who you are. You compliment a side of me most dont. Whats funny is that you introduced me to my new hobby and its something we share. Very intimate. You wont tell and neither will I. Just keep me intrigued.

....Just be my BARRY BONDS =]

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Champion.

......."Do you realize/ That you are a Champion in their eyes"?

We all know how the story goes. Every girl wants the guy that is taken by a girl that we envy and "dont care for so much". I think its the challenge and reward factor that really reels us in. The pride being the reward we receive from being scandalous. Or maybe for even some they really "like/love" the dude and believe they are the only one for them....sigh. I find it funny how females love to do anything to catch the attention of the taken male. Some even look up to the male species like he is the most amazing human being that they have ever layed eyes on. Bull! I grew up learning that consistency is suppose to lead you somewhere, but when its leading you nowhere shouldnt you know when to stop?! When to let go and let him have his life/relationship? Purely disgusting.

The Champ. God's gift to womankind. Everyone wants him and "by any means necessary" they wont stop until they have him. The Champ. All American Football player, good hair, good teeth, nice clothes, great body, Great Family, smart guy, loveable, nonchalant, Hilarious, street smart, and most of all the center of your world. The Champ. Brings you so much hurt and pain, strife, confusion, drama, frustration. The Champ. Never knows how to say no to strangers but quick to say no to familiar faces. The Champ. Tries to be a good person, stay genuine, love her with all of his heart, never do her wrong. The Champ. And all the Groupies agree "You got baby/You got that good stuff". The Champ. Got her saying F^(# that. I be damned if I see another chick on your arm! Worked to hard to get yall this far and isnt looking back anytime soon. The Champ. She doesnt realize why they don't realize that she is it, after her there is no others. Why are they so persistent?! Why do you have to prowl at him and promote temptation. The Champ. But most of all she doesnt understand you! Why cant you let go the fame. Flashinglights. If it means sacrificing you alls realtionship I know you wouldnt take it! Would you?! Why, she knows all you do is spit game and swindle these hoes. Thats right hoes. She knows what they are giving and knows everything. The Champ. She knows everything. Everything you dont want her to know. Thats why she is the SHE that she is. She knows you love her. But shes tired. Shes fed-up. Shes grown now. The Champ. High School is over. Groupies! High School is over. Groupies. Respect. Learn about it. Respect. The Champ. Doesnt feel that SHE loves him whole heartedly because HE doesnt recognize the difference between Love, Lust and Infatuation.

But Champ. I say I love you more than any human being on this earth could fathom. We been there babe. Through it all and I love you despite it all. I'll never understand why you do the things you do but you do them. And I get upset and mentally I leave you but my heart stays. And eventually my mind has to come back to my heart thats with you. So dont abuse whatchu you already know. Because one day you just may never know where my heart may go.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not quite the Video Vixen.

I shot my first music video in December guys! And here are some of the pictures that were taken on the set. In case you are confused I played the "girlfriend" to the new artist Fatso[his music is amazing....look him up at Fatsoworld.com]....and the other three beautiful ladies were "hating on me". It was cool I got to act like I was stuntin with my boo and I had it like that. It was a great first experience and I hope I get more opportunities like this in the future. Look out for me guys Im really trynna do big things in the future =]............

Love Elle <3

Monday, January 5, 2009

Last of the dying breed. Then God gave us Kanye.

...Sooo I am musically in love. And it took four albums for this love to mature from manifestation but it has arrived. Tonight. Early tomorrow morning. The rhythm. The lyrics. The 808. The Bars. All I do is sit, listen, and learn. I know people may feel that I am terrible late but I love music and it takes alot for the artist to capture my heart. Ive been imprisoned. And with all his troubles, I want to cure his pain. But then I dont because then I may not like his music......

Discography! My faves =]

  • College Dropout: "We dont care", "All Falls Down", "Never let me down", "Through the Wire", "Last Call".....

  • Late Registration: "Heard Em' Say", "Crack Music", "We Major", "Celebration", "Late"...

  • Graduation: ""Champion", "Good Life", "Big Brother", "Everything I am", "Bittersweet".....

808's && Heartbreak!!!!!

  • Say you will: "When I grab your neck, I touch your soul/Take off your cool then lose control"

  • Paranoid: "Baby let em look give us cold looks cause we look cold/Yea you heard about all the word of mouth/Don't worry about what we can't control"

  • Streetlights: "I'm just not there in the streets/I'm just not there/Life's just not fair"

  • Pinocchio Story: "And there is no Gepetto to guide me, no one right beside me/The only one was behind me/I cant find her no more"

....And the appropriate question to ask would be....So when did I fall in love with Hip-Hop?!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Little Gucci dress? ...Or the Little Gucci dress?

Soooo...I have a confession. Are you ready?...This may come as a surprise for some but......I REALLY LOVE VICTORIA BECKHAM!!!!....alright there I said it. Dont judge me please lol. But aaaa lllllllooooonnnggg time ago when I was in High School[[lol]], I missed/skipped/i cant really remember a day of school and spent the day at home. Well now that you know my secret you can guess that Victoria aka Posh had something to do with my day. Well anyone who is a Spice Girls fan knows that Posh loved her black Little Gucci dress! And although my Little BCBG dress wasnt Gucci it was very similar and I felt very Posh in it lol. So I took pics and I really thought I was badd and I think its hilarious that I did this.

Im so Team Victoria.....=]

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Misery loves company. I just want to dance.

Lord!!!!! Im so torn right now! Have you ever felt like all you wanted to do was dance?! Well I dont know about you but dance has been my "out" for stress relief since I could move. And right now I am definitely feeling the pressure. "Im 18 yrs old, doing good in school, financially stable, got everything I want and some, but Im just feeling the pressure". I have the world on my shoulders and with everything that I am in charge of its hard keeping it all in tact. I just wanna be happy. And I am happy for the most part. But its those times when the world comes crashing down on me and they are the worst ever! ....But then I have ballet, salsa, tap, jazz, pointe, modern! I love ittttt so much and the smell of sweaty hard wood floors or the pain from the rubber marley floors against my bare skin is intense and very appreciative at this moment. Its natural...the movement, my line, flexibility, the stretch.....sigh.....I miss it dearly! I cant believe its been 7 months since Ive been out of the game and Im losing itt! Soooooo.....2moro Im waking up early and pulling out my leotards/tights/and going to the studio! WISH ME LUCK! I just need a relief....maybe you can understand....