Unexpected Matters

Unexpected Matters
"Who Dat"

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Real DC: The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys! O-M-G! I love them so much!!!! Jerry Jones is just simply the Ultimate! Despite the horrible horrible horrible game we just lost[20081228], I know we will have a better season next year! All we need is a little faith lol. T-O is bomb and Romo just had his swag knocked off alittle but we can always get that back. Im definitely not hating on the Redskins but we just ARE a better team...admit it! It would certainly make my life alot easier =]....Im tired of dealing with this battle that shouldnt exist lol. DJ Khaled even knows who the best is. lmao. Marion Barber gets it done and everyone knows we are an impecable team. Indeed! So although the season may be over for 08/watch out because 09' is right around the corner and we all know 09' is the year of - THEE "9"...Tony Romo! =]....Stay Tuned!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Inspiration...[real talk]

"I know the difference between a b!*(# and "B" n!&&@!"

When Im alone in my room, sometimes I stare at my wall, and in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call telling me I need a girl who is as sweet as a doll, but F^(# that my name is HOV and you know Im a dog. So if you drunk off love I suggest you get over it, ma cry me a river build a bridge and get over it. They love it when Im hard on hoes, they say a "G" dont give no b!*(# keys or security codes. I agree my lady aint no b!*(#, she gets whatever I own so when you see her understand thats MEEEE N!&&&@@@! Understand Im the same O-G n!&&@. I know the difference between a b!*(# and "B"[as in Beyonce] n!&&@!!!!!!---Jay-Z

-->And this right here is so foreal. Paying homage to his lady I gotta love Jay for that one. Gotta give him his props for that one. Hov got B and I just want D! LLS. Ima fool......

Monday, December 22, 2008

Love, Lust, and Infatuation

--> Something real. Something with potential. And something to wish for.

Love- My match. How could I be without you?! Why would I want to be without you?! Sometimes I put you before myself. Sometimes i love you more than I love myself. We spend so much time together trying to figure each other out and in the end we realize that we already know everything and we are just being complicated for the other. We say we play games with each other and in actuality we started the game the other finishes. You hurt me more than you ever know. I try to stay strong for you, for my pride, my dignity. You are the one that never calls, never texts back, and yet you remain my number one. My sanity has vanished. It only takes 3 seconds for me to lose my train of thought when your name appears. Your day is my day, all of your pain and struggle, your downfall I uplift. Its my job you are my baby I could never let you go. Even when it hurts so bad. Even when i want to leave. You mean the universe to me. above all of lifes existence, I want you and I.
Lust- You came into my life from a far. I didnt see you coming but when I was at my weakest moment you were there to break my fall. Never knew you would be the you, you are. I played all of my cards right and fell fast for you. You gave me alot to hope for. We spent alot of time together, feelings expanded vastly. Slowly I let you into my world. Occasionally you let me into yours. But then the seasons got cold. Times changed and guilt built. How could I? Why would I? Destroy three lives...so I fade. "Fall back"...eh?! I dont wanna do this anymore. I LOVE him. I dont wanna hurt you. I could love you, but not in this lifetime. Im sold. Attached at the hip. But you are something like a close friend. I enjoy your company and "that other side" you put me on too. I can be your hero, your module. You gave me my ego.
Infatuation- I peeped you on the "low low". Never expressed my inner on the outer because I knew you were dangerous. I knew you would be the ying to my yang! My excitement, keeping me on my toes. You drove me crazy and we never even exchanged words yet. And then you made your move. You captured me at interest. Had me gone and I wasnt even around you. I couldnt look atchu. Still cant look atchu. "My guilty pleasure I aint goin no where"...dont wanna be hurt but thats a feeling that already exists. I cant have my cake and eat it too? can I? But you told me I could. You were down with my naughty and I think you digged the fact that I almost let you take me away. You gave me an ultimatum...I sunk. I tried to reason the unreasonable. i couldnt do it. I had to pull away. You're toxic, and as much as I try to resist...im intoxicated. I wanna be free but im captured. Been here since the first words spoken between us.....and I just wanna be.....!