Unexpected Matters

Unexpected Matters
"Who Dat"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

No matter the issue.

So I just read something really sad.....

.....its got me thinking about a somewhat similar situation I was in.

.....its crazy how we dont recognize our blessings when they are right in front of us.

I get really frustrated with myself at times when life is hectic and Im not in control. Like now, Ive been living a crazy lifestyle for awhile now. Always on the go, making moves, not having anytime for me an most importantly others. At 19, I feel 39....theres been so much that I have experienced and I really just need a time out. I think Im mentally unhealthy from all the drama and stress Ive endured and whats worse is its starting to affect my physical strength. Every day is a struggle. Ive always had this go-getter mentality and maybe its time for me to chill and relax. Its turned me into such a tense person. True city girl indeed, but this is beginning to be a bit much for me. I do alot of complaining....

......But the truth is no one cares about your individual issues. There is always someone who is in a much worse situation, and as I sit here typing away on my laptop, in my apartment, dressed in comfortable warm clothes, laying in crisp white sheets I realize that I have nothing to complain about. My life has been way worse than it is now. Ive endured much harder and more strenuous challenges than the ones I currently face. So why does it feel like this is the worst its ever been? Ive been trying to look forward towards the future and staying positive for "Time will heal everything", and the clock is constantly ticking.

Cry! OMG! Ive cried once this year already. Like a couple of weeks ago. Dont ask me why lol, but yes I was experiencing alot of stress and was so frustrated I didnt know what to do with myself. I had lost control and I felt like I had truly lost myself. You have to stay true to you, no matter what the challenge may be. If you arent doing you, what feels natural then you'll be dying inside. And I was dying inside.

But seriously, life is full of opportunities and I mean either you take them head on or you wait for the right opportunity for you. You may want something so bad that isnt for you. Remember that God will not block his blessings. Give and you shall receive. Stay humble. Never allow your success to be your downfall. And whenever you're in doubt, pray about it.

Smile, stress, and then smile again. Blink twice, straighten your eyebrows, scratch your head, fix your hair. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile one more time. Now get back to work.

Love always, xoxoxo


  1. on sum real shit dis is one of the realest post i ever seen you write n wats crazy is i was thinkin da same thing...its crazy how one minute you could look at a situation n it seems lik its the toughest one uve ever endured but once u get thru it you can count on ur fingers and toes how many struggles n problems you went thru before that were way harder...i think it has to dowith how life is and how people want you, me, and the rest of our society to live our lives. they really try to decitate wats important and wat we need in our lives (to know everybody, be rich and famous, to have the latest fashion, etc.). When ppl really needed stop chasing the jones and look at what they have rite now im lookin at the glass half full in my life but im really tryin fill da glass back up with the things that make me happy...i love you LA...you jus an LA gurl you just an LA gurl

  2. erik is an asshole b/c im the only one who needs to make a comment. lol but seriously...

    both of yall summed it up exactly how i needed to read it. you have no idea what goes thru in my head. what i face everyday as a daughter, a mother, a student, friend, shit a human being.

    i love this post and it helped me keep going. i love you more than erik's wack ass LA. muah.