Unexpected Matters

Unexpected Matters
"Who Dat"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Im feeling some type of way....

....So just about everything in my life right now has positives and negatives. Like Im having a very hard time making decisions. This is the dumbest feeling in the world. Like I honestly feel stuck in traffic.

- Aight, so Im getting so mad right now cuz Im watching the first 48 and this chic is clearly lying and she is being sooo dumb, like girl foreal they already know that you know information...(sigh, ppl these days)

....But anyway, I feel really bad. I hit a racoon last friday like really hit him and ran over him and now he's dead. But its not my fault foreal he came out of no where! My friend Kenzie can vouch for me! I feel like I need to report myself to the animal police or something. I consider that animal cruelty. Idk....R.I.P. Racoon!

....And then like financially idk where my mind is! My sis called me like let me hold 1,000 for her car or whatever i'll get it back in two weeks. Im like no doubt thats how we do. So she got that(shoutout to Bank of America online transfer). But then i realize saturday is August 1st. I have an apartment with cable, electric, internet, and like two other bills due! wtf! blowing my whole life. I dont have a job yall LOL! But anyway thats being taken care of. And I still have to furnish my apartment next week. And pay for school by August 3rd. I think I owe like 8,000. MADNESS. All I know is that money is being spent and sent all around me and like I truly understand how important it is to have a job! Ive never had a job. But thats besides the point.

....I start Band Camp(no I do not play an instrument, Ima dancer) in like two weeks and I am so out of shape. Ive been working out but like idk my body must seriously be aging cuz I just cant breathe like I used too. This metabolism ish is serious.

....To tattoo or to not tattoo. See idk if im done with pageants or not. I wanna do them but like I dont feel like putting in the extra effort that they require. Ive taken a different path with my life and Im just not sure if pageants fit into that. The three I have now you cant see like ever! No one knows I have three.

- Whatever I really dont care anymore about anything. My bday is in 5 days, which is gonna be the stupidest day ever but um Im just gonna try to smile all day. Hopefully people will give me a reason too.

- I pray for my friends and people that are close to me 24/7, cuz I truly will act a fool if anything happens to them. I dont wanna see myself like that.

- I hate crime 360. I think its like a bad spin off of the first 48

- Im so blown I missed this weeks episode of Tiny and Toya! =[

- Oh and I really need to learn how to cook cuz mommy isnt wanting to put me on a meal plan just incase! Ima starve to death.

- Goodnight or Goodbye, whatever you like....

......About what I just wrote


  1. 1. girl i watched an episode of the first 48 last night and it blew me b/c this white dude killed someone and had no remorse about it. it was sad. cut him up and everything.

    2. RIP RACOON. (even though death was deserved)

    3. How in the hell do you have $1000 to loan but dont have a job. I need to get on YOUR plan.

    3 pt. II. God will take care of all of our needs as long as we follow and put our faith in HIM. so dont worry about it, let God handle it. Never stress out over something b/c God has control over ALL things.

    4. Girl you young as shit. Dont blame you being out of shape on age lol. But good luck with camp, cuz I can barely walk up the stairs w/o passing out. (yes, i know, sad)


    6. Girl i missed them too. You betta go to BET.com and catch the FULL episode.

    7. when you learn how to cook let me know. cuz i need lessons.

    8. sorry for the rappage; i love you, and Jesus does too.

    DUECES! =)

  2. man!! i totally feel you!! every good has a bad ... but in the midst of reading this .. you cracked (what i hope was) jokes.. lol.. all though life is hard sometimes.. reading this didnt make me feel like you let it get the best of you!! great post.