Unexpected Matters

Unexpected Matters
"Who Dat"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

@StrawberryLo Gotta Bday!

1) The reservation at Ketchup was non-existent sooo instead we went to the Sports and Bar Grill at The Gaylord with the cute waiters....=]

2) I saw my ex-bestfriend there from middle school....and I didnt speak, why?! Because I didnt feel like it.

3) I brought her a Big annoying singing Princess balloon and a card on her actual bday!

4) Then we went to Hooters that night where I ran into a surprise smh...FML

5) Costco saved our Ocean City trip!

6) The hotel was bomb, straight beach style!

7) They made me ride a rollercoaster and I cried....so what, dont judge me!

8) Baby skirt lol...lmao( Lani insider)

9) White girls taking pictures of us on the low low at the beach...I better not end up on a Girls Gone Wild website.

10) I still feel as though Im being haunted by sand.

11) Alanna should be summoned for animal cruelty. Who goes cow tipping?! smh

12) Gabbie needs to take a "chill pill" before everytime she gets behind the wheel. This woman drives maddd aggressive.

13) "Swerve Right"...Lil' Boosie. True True

14) Lani and I shopping for grinders. Still on the haunt.

15) RIP MJ! I love my sweatpants

16) So we like hydroplaned over a hill...swear Gabbie thought we were on a dirt bike!

17) Starving searching for Gabbies mystery pizza place.

18) Planning to go out, and then we all crash and dont wake up.

19) Me banging my hip(which is still sore) on the rollercoaster =[

20) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBIE, Next year will be better.

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